Antigen Rapid Test

We offer two variants of Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Tests:


  • At one of our test centers.

  • Group testing of 10 or more people at a location of your choice.

FasTest - Corona Antigen Schnelltest

Orient Gene SARS-CoV-2 Ag-Test

CE Certified

EU IVD and CE certified

96% Sensitivity

With infectious patients, according to the manufacturer

Result within 10 minutes

Fast result including a written certificate

Valid entry test for close

contact services

Bilingual diagnostic findings in German and English


You can book an appointment directly on our website. This will reduce your waiting time on site. It is also possible to visit our test centers without an appointment. Please note that only card payments are accepted on site. At "Kärntner Straße" appointments are mandatory.


Our staff members will collect your personal information on site. Please provide an official identification document (passport, driver's license)

Nasopharyngeal (Nasal) Swab

Our qualified and specially trained staff will carry out a nasal swab on you. You can leave our test station immediately afterwards.


You will receive an e-mail about the completed analysis 10 minutes after the swab.


You can access your written certificate in both German and English through our medical online platform LATIDO after receiving a notification and a two factor authentication via text message.

Antigen Rapid Test Procedure

How much does an Antigen Rapid Test cost?

The Antigen Rapid Test costs 39 Euro. The sample collection and the implementation of the tests are carried out by medically trained staff.
Due to our strict hygiene guidelines and in order to guarantee swift proceedings, we only accept card payments.
We also offer tests on site for business clients. We would gladly make you a bundle deal. Group Testing

How reliable is an Antigen Rapid Test?

We use an Antigen Rapid Test with a sensitivity of 96%, according to the manufacturer. This means that the test correctly detects 96% of all infected with Covid-19. The concentration of the indicative antigens varies during the progression of the disease. That is why it may drop below the level of detectability. An infection with Covid-19 thus can't be ruled out one hundred percent.

What happens, if the test is positive?

There are two possibilities, if the Antigen Rapid Test shows a positive result, meaning an infection with Covid-19:
If you are still at one of our test centers, you can follow up with a
PCR Test.
If you receive the result while on the move, please go home and self-isolate. Call the health hotline 1450 and they will talk you through the next steps.
You will be considered a suspected case until a PCR Test brings clarification.

What is the use of an Antigen Rapid Test?

Antigen Rapid Tests are considered a good and simple possibility to screen for COVID infections. A peculiarity of a Covid-19 infection is that not all ill persons develop symptoms. Therefore, there is a risk that people can infect other people without noticing.
In order to prevent the virus spreading further, Austria has implemented a broad testing strategy.

How can I get the result?

You will receive the information that your result is ready by e-mail or text message. After a two-step security authentification, which serves the purpose of data security, you can retrieve the result of your Antigen Test online.

Alternatively, you can get the result in printed form from the test center. You will receive the result in two languages, in both German and English.

Is the test result official?

Yes, since exclusively medically trained staff is taking the test samples, the result of the Antigen Rapid Test is official.

What can I use the Antigen Rapid Test result for?

If you want to use close contact services (hairdresser, pedicure, massage,…), you currently need a negative Antigen Rapid Test result in Austria. Self-tests like those offered in schools and some pharmacies, don't comply with the current standards. Therefore, they don't enable you to go to the hairdresser, etc.

When must I not get tested?

If you have typical Covid-19 symptoms like fever, cough, loss of smell or taste, please stay at home in self-isolation and call the health hotline 1450. They will talk you through the next steps.

Does the nasal swab hurt?

To take a sample through the nose, a swab is inserted up the nose until the nasopharynx and is rotated a few times in order to make sure that enough sample material is collected. This sounds more uncomfortable than it actually is. The swab is very thin and its tip is soft and flexible. Most people describe the sampling procedure as a "tickling sensation" comparable to the urge to sneeze.

Could the Antigen Rapid Test show a positive result due to other colds?

The test has a specificity of more than 99%. This means that more than 99% of healthy individuals will be identified correctly as negative. The test has solely been developed to detect the Covid-19 virus. Nevertheless, those tested positive for antigens will be additionally tested through the health hotline 1450 using a PCR Test in order to eliminate false positive results.

How does the Antigen Rapid Test work?

The Antigen Rapid Test detects specific viral protein components, so-called antigens. After taking a sample through a nasal swab, the swab is immersed in liquid (extraction liquid). As a result, parts of the sample wind up in the liquid, which is then applied to the test (test cassette). The result appears after a few minutes. One line for a negative test result – this also confirms that the test is functioning. Two lines appear for a positive result.

What does the Antigen Rapid Test detect exactly?

The Antigen Rapid Test is a so-called Lateral Flow Assay – a biochemical method to detect substances using antibodies.
It proves the presence of antigens, the viral protein components, which are placed at the surface of the virus. Antibodies, specific to these antigens, are placed on the Antigen Rapid Test. If the applied liquid contains the suitable antigens to these antibodies, then the antigen is bound and a color reaction is triggered. A second line appears in case of a positive result on the test cassette.

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