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FasTest - Corona Tests für Unternehmen
FasTest - Drive-In Corona Schnelltest



1010 Vienna


1010 Vienna

Danube center

1220 Vienna

Shopping City South

2334 Vösendorf

Lugner City

1150 Vienna

Passage Linz

4020 Linz

FasTest - Corona Schnelltest Ablauf

Registration and payment

Book an appointment via our website or simply come to one of our test centers without an appointment.

The costs for the rapid antigen test and the rapid antibody test are € 39.

We charge € 89 for the RT-LAMP PCR test. If you need this for a trip abroad, please bring your passport with you.

Please have your eCard and an official photo ID ready for registration.

Acceptance of the sample

Medical staff takes the sample required for the respective test.

Rapid antigen test:

Nasopharyngeal swab.

Rapid antibody test:

Drops of blood from the fingertip.


Throat swab.

FasTest - Corona Schnelltest Nasenabstrich

Our team

FasTest CEO - Dr. Manuel Chytilek
FasTest Medizinische Aufsicht - Dr. Roman C. Ostermann
FasTest CMO - Dr. Alexander Thury

Dr. med. univ.

Manuel Chytilek

chief Executive Officer

Dr. med. univ.

Roman C. Ostermann

Medical supervision and quality management

Dr. med. univ.

Alexander Thury

CMO - Medical Strategy


Corona status in 10 minutes using a nasopharyngeal swab.

In " Reintesten " events

" Rustesten " from quarantine

Antibodies can be detected in 15 minutes using a drop of blood from the fingertip.

Find out if you have already been infected with corona.

In 90 minutes (Kärntner Straße)

5 hours (Vienna & surroundings)

7 hours (Linz)

by means of a throat swab for the molecular biological corona finding. Suitable for air travel.

FasTest - Corona Schnelltest

Customers and partners

FasTest - Corona Schnelltest Auswertung

Transmission of results

You can leave our test center immediately after taking the sample.

You can call up your results online using 2-factor authentication (SMS code).

The waiting time for your result depends on the test method chosen.

Rapid antigen test:

10 mins

Rapid antibody test:

15 minutes

RT-LAMP PCR rapid test:

90 minutes (Kärtnerstrasse)

5 hours ( Vienna & surroundings )

7 hours (Linz)

Test procedure