Austrias fastest PCR Test available from February 1 at all FasTest Centers in Vienna and surrounding

From Monday, February 1, FasTest will offer the RT-LAMP rapid PCR Corona Test at all COVID Test Centers in Vienna and the surrounding area (Stephansplatz, Kärntnerstraße, Donau Zentrum, Lugner City and Shopping City Süd).

A result is guaranteed at all locations within 5 hours, at the COVID Test Center in Kärntnerstraße even after 90 minutes.

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Since January 18, FasTest offers, in addition to the well-known COVID Antigen rapid tests, a new PCR rapid test at our branch in Kärntnerstraße 47, which provides a reliable result after a maximum of 90 minutes and allows our customers with a negative result to travel. The test is based on the so-called loop amplification method (LAMP for short).

The great advantage of this method is that it runs at a constant temperature compared to classical PCR, which means that additional samples can simply be added to the device, enabling customers to obtain their results much more quickly. The test is also CE certified throughout Europe and approved as an in vitro diagnostic (IVD).

Corona Test Durchführung PCR-Schnelltest


For the RT-LAMP, the swab is taken from the throat. The swab is swirled in a buffer solution to draw out the sample material. A small amount of the sample is then added to a prepared reagent test kit.

The complete reaction mixture is then placed in a thermoblock at a constant 65° Celsius and heated for 30 minutes. If there is viral material in the sample, virus RNA is first transcribed into DNA and then amplified over and over again. Due to the amplification in loops, this process takes place much more quickly than with conventional PCR. During this reaction, the solution in the reaction vessel slowly becomes acidic. The test makes use of precisely this effect: The solution also contains an indicator that changes color - from red to yellow - when the pH value changes.

 Corona Test Resultat RT-LAMP, Ergebnis in 5 Stunden

In the case of negative samples, the liquid remains red. The result is sent to the patient immediately after the end of the reaction. In case of positive results, a repeat of the reaction is performed to exclude the unlikely case of a false positive test with a high degree of certainty.

The only disadvantage of this method is that it only allows a positive/negative statement and does not provide a CT value as is common with qPCR.

Nevertheless, this test closes the gap between fast but less precise antigen tests and accurate but time-consuming conventional PCR tests and thus becomes an important tool in the fight against the spread of Corona.

After the very positive feedback from our customers on our RT-LAMP test in our branch at Kärntnerstraße 47, we now offer this test at all our locations in Vienna and Vösendorf. Thereby we guarantee a result after a maximum of 5 hours - according to our slogan:

FasTest - The fastest way to normality!